Our Design Team

Custom Formula Design Solutions

This service offered to manufacturers and distributors forms the backbone of the well established yet forward thinking approach to product development. When we develop a product, we design it to suit your requirements not ours. We will listen and build products that meet your company’s needs, we can tailor make compounds to suit your equipment or existing product range.

Working in the lab
Test tubes

Call one our experienced and helpful sales staff to allow us the chance to understand your requirements in order to prescribe a cost effective, well developed trusted solution can get underway to make your life easy when comes to compounds and adhesives.

RLA — the Trusted Name in Chemical Compounding

With over 35 years experience in developing and producing a large range of quality compounds for industry, you can be sure that when you ask RLA to meet your compounding requirements we will deliver the solution to satisfy your needs. Our aim is to provide the right product or service with respect to quality and price.

Our experience and expertise have helped us to offer superior levels of customer support in areas of Product Design, Engineering Support, Production Planning, Waste Management as well as Quality Performance. We are ISO9001 accredited to further support the company's quality ethos.

Total Commitment and Onsite Support

WE believe the best way to meet your needs is to become involved with your people at your location. WE will work with your team to design and develop the right product. WE will conduct onsite trials and even operator training where necessary and we will do this whether you’re local or overseas. Our commitment and support will help you reach the solution.

Many manufacturing companies have excellent products at the right price, many take great pride ensuring quality specification and deliveries are on time.

We offer all these benefits, but we want to be known for more. More than just a manufacturer of first class, value for money products. We will give you a level of service support and total commitment that go beyond your expectations of raw material supplier.

We form partnerships with our customers, helping them to succeed in an even more demanding business environment, after all if our customers are successful, RLA will be successful.

Continuous R & D

RLA’s team has devoted itself to updating and evaluating its technology, raw materials and production methods to ensure we bring the latest technological and product developments. Significant investment in this area ensures that both we and our customers can enjoy the all important technical edge over our competitors. Our association with a number of specialist machinery manufacturers, both in Australia and overseas and also with leading chemical and technology companies around the world, allows us to tap into top international expertise to ensure our customers stay in front.

Environmentally Aware Products

RLA has long been proud of its environmental record. We have been successful in implementing measures on our own site which are over and above minimum standards required by EPA. This commitment carries over to our concerns for our customers’ environments. We are constantly evaluating new raw materials and working with our own suppliers to access the most environmentally safe products that are available. Waste management has always been a high priority for us, and we are happy to share the experience and expertise we have gained over the years.

An example of our genuine green focus on the environment and the community is the recently developed and launched Green Solutions range of adhesives that not only protect the environment but perform better than most adhesives containing solvents or harmful curing agents.

Proven Quality

ISO9001 Quality Assurance covers all areas of our business from Administration to Product Design. The quality management system ensures consistency in all aspects of the products and services we offer, from raw material selection to packaging and transport. ISO accreditation means RLA is serious about quality and that means peace of mind for our customers.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Whether your requirement is 20 kg across town to 20 tonnes across Asia our investment in modern, high capacity, storage delivery and manufacturing plants ensure that any of the thousands of products in our range can be made and dispatched within days (often hours) of your order being placed, our top priority is to delivery quality products on time.